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NARGUS is a New York City-based, independent, Iranian artist. She has curated and produced numerous shows in the NYC area. In 2011, Nargus held her first solo exhibition, Hearts Aroar, selling half the collection. 


There is an intense complexity to her paintings, yet, her subjects are always women: "I paint women to give color to their multitudes, their histories. The women whom I paint are bold, loud, and poised in the face of the societal impulse to define us--to, in some cases, silence us." 


In addition to developing her art, Nargus is pursuing her Doctorate (DNP Psychiatry) at Columbia University; she also works as a Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner (SAFE), and a Yoga Therapist (500-RYT).  Her examination of the human condition informs and gives shape to her work as an artist, while her work as an artist grounds and readies her for her work in psychiatry. 


Nargus holds BAs from the University of Pennsylvania in Philosophy, Politics, Economics (PPE), and English.

Photos (c) Vitagraphy
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