How can I purchase a painting?

We are thrilled that you are considering a WomenbyNargus painting! Please email and we can assist you in everything from choosing the right piece to working with you to find the perfect placement for it in your home or office.


Why can't I just buy a painting directly from your website?

We love our clients and the relationships we have formed with them! We chose not to have an online shop so that we could take the time to get to know you and make sure your piece is perfectly suited for your personality and your home.


What if the painting I want has already been sold?

This happens a lot! We can either work with you to create a piece similar to the one that has sold, or, we may choose to make a print. Please note that we only offer limited edition prints.


Do you make prints?

Yes! However, we only create at most two prints per piece in order to retain authenticity. 


What materials do you make prints on?

We offer prints on canvas, acrylic glass, and brushed aluminum. Please email us for more information about these materials.


I have a great idea for a painting, will you paint it for me?

Yes! We do commissions quite often and love the creative process behind them. Let's work together!


Do you paint portraits?

Yes--we love doing portraits and welcome you to collaborate with us so that your portrait can be 100% customized for you.


Do you have shows?

Of course! We have about 2-3 shows per year. A select list of venues can be found here. 


How can I be on the list for your next show?

Email us to be on the list. Or check our Instagram or Facebook as they are constantly updated with news. 


Are you affiliated with any galleries?

No. We have chosen, and are very proud, to be independent. 


I'm an artist--will you collaborate with me?

Yes! We love collaborations--for projects, art, and especially shows! Email us!


Do you donate any proceeds of your work to charity?

Yes, we regularly donate to, or participate in silent auctions for Mt. Sinai's SAVI Program and the Lower East Side Girls Club.


Why women?

In any society, at any cross-section in time, the most oppressed, the most silenced, the most marginalized people, are women. Our work, thus, aspires to elevate women, to give them voice--to allow them to take up space.